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An online marketplace called Richlogs is selling stolen digital fingerprints that include access to a person’s entire online presence or web activity Since it emerged in April, Richlogs has...


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A pair of MIT researchers discovered a way to construct an artificial intelligence that’s only about a tenth the size, without losing any computational ability The breakthrough could allow other...


"Tomorrow is today, but a day away."

Poland, Poznan, City Stadium

We are living in a time of dynamic industrial revolution. A technological breakthrough is emerging among us which will fundamentally alter all aspects of our lives including how we work, create, and communicate.

In terms of complexity, this will not be similar to previous human experience. Artificial Intelligence (AI), is arguably the most exciting and progressive achievement in the tech world in recent years, and currently holds a significant place in many aspects of human life. From auto automation and improved cancer diagnostics, to the use of Siri and Alexa, these are just a few examples that demonstrate how the AI algorithm is often surpassing humanity now a days.

3 Days - 10 Panels


Each panel will be presented from three different point of view - academic / business / tech enthousiast


tech enthousiast


Meet your match

Organized over two nights and three days, we want to give everyone the chance to find what they are looking for and thanks to our matchmaking application that is easier than ever. Have you created a startup? Or maybe you are an investor looking to network with people from across the globe who are actively inspiring and implementing technologies that propel the visions of tomorrow. Whatever the case, this event is for you! Our matchmaking application allows you to arrange a 1:1 meeting with a (panel member?) where you can present your innovative ideas and solutions to like minded individuals who can help you take your concept to the next level!


It is not known as Poznan’s top place of sport and business for no reason. This stadium is not only one of the most recognized and famous in this part of the country, it also boasts conference rooms, 900 parking spaces, and a sensationally connected meeting place. It is important to us to provide the highest level of comfort possible for our participants and we understand that an accessible location is key in ensuring that comfort. Located just 4 km from Lawica airport and 6 km from the A2 motorway, plus convenient public transit, guarantees the Poznan stadium as the best location to host this event for you.

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