1. What is the Neural Networking Conference?
        Imagine the atmosphere of a music festival combined with a scientific conference. A place where you can conduct business meetings while enjoying exhibitions of modern art. Over three days, Neural Networking is the place where international technology teams, top investors, and promising startups will connect and explore the future possibilities between man and “machine”.


      1. Who can attend the conference ?
        Everyone over 18 years of age and holds a valid ticket is welcome. Passing a ticket during the conference is not allowed.


      1. When will the conference take place?
        The Neural Networking conference will be held from June 24-26, 2020 .


      1. Where is it happening?
        The Neural Networking conference will be held at The Chamber of Crafts building in Poznań .


      1. Do you offer discounts for accommodation in Poznan?
        Absolutely! We offer accommodation for select hotels within the city at a reduced price for our participants. For more information, click here.


      1. How can I apply to be a speaker, or recommend a speaker?
        You can read our guidelines, and submit an application here. Our team responsible for booking lectures will review your application and respond as soon as possible.


      1. How do I become a partner, sponsor and/or exhibitor of the Neural Networking conference?
        We’re glad you asked! Please take a look at our partner page to learn more.


      1. How can I apply as a startup for Neural Networking?
        Just send us an application through the Neural Networking Startup Programmand our team will review it!


      1. I’m interested in being a volunteer. How can I do that?
        We couldn’t hold this event without the help of like minded, tech-driven individuals, and we are happy to welcome enthusiastic volunteers who want to contribute to the overall success of the event. Volunteers do not need to pay for a ticket, and food will be provided during the event. All volunteers must be 18 years or older. Accommodation and travel is not provided. Click here if you are interested in volunteering at our event!


      1. How can I apply as to be an investor, and what are the benefits?
        For more information about our investor program, click here or write to partnerships@neuralnetworking.com


      1. Will there be a live stream or shared recordings of the conference?
        Our ticket holders will have total access to all materials from the conference including live stream and recordings. Only a few recordings will be available to the public, that’s why we encourage you to attend the Neural Networking conference so that you can see it all for yourself.


      1. Is there a dress code?
        The recommended attire is business-casual, but you know yourself the best. Dress how you feel comfortable for the conference and networking with others.


      1. Will there be food and drinks?
        Absolutely! A catering area will be organized during the conference.


      1. Where is the lost and found ?
        All lost items found during the conference will be stored in the cloakroom. Please contact hello@neural-networking.com in the unfortunate event that you lose something. Items will be held for 2 weeks after the conference.


      1. Are you guys on social media?
        For sure! You can find us on Facebook or Instagram.


      1. Where will I be able to see photos from the event?
        Photos will appear on our site and social media on a regular basis.


      1. Can I use the photos taken by photographers at the conference?
        You can use photos taken from the event if you give credit to the photographer, and the name of the event. Neural Networking does not support the processing and editing of photos that we share.


      1. Are there any other kinds of events besides standard activities?


      1. Who can participate in the VIP party?
        Those with priority and investor tickets are authorized to enter the VIP party. Further information will be sent by email.


      1. What is a networking event ?
        It is an event in a casual setting that will be held on the first day so that everyone has the opportunity to connect and arrange to meet throughout the conference.


      1. When can I receive my ID?
        During registration your ticket will be exchanged for an ID authorizing you to be at the Neural Networking conference. IDs will only be issued during pre-event registration.


      1. Can Neural Networking bypass me?
        Definitely not! We have devoted a lot of time and energy to ensure our participants take something informative and inspiring from our conference. We want everybody to be satisfied and we are confident in our ability to provide the highest quality experience.


      1. Where can I find press information?
        All downloadable materials and press information can be found here: Please write to hello@neural-networking.com with any additional questions related to press info.


      1. Will startups receive a stand at the conference?
        Simply registering as a startup does not give access to the stand. To become an exhibitor, read our offer available here. (Link)



      1. Where can I buy a ticket?
        You can buy a ticket in our official hyperlink store.


      1. Can I order a ticket now and pay later?
        Yes you can! You can order a ticket now and pay for it later via credit/debit, PayPal, or bank transfer. When ordering the ticket, select “pay later” and enter the rest of the details. You will have two weeks to complete the order before the reservation is cancelled.


      1. Can I transfer my ticket to another person?
        Yes, you can transfer your ticket to another person up to 48 hours before the start of the Neural Networking conference. To do this you must enter the order management options and change the personal data displayed there.


      1. Can I buy a ticket and fill in my personal details later?
        Yes, you can buy a ticket and then complete the personal details of the person participating in the conference at a later date however, personal information must be submitted no later than 48 hours before the start of the conference.


      1. Can I share my ticket with another person between Neural Networking days?
        No, you will need to show ID prior to picking up your conference ID and wrist band. No conference tickets can be transferred throughout the duration of the entire event. You are required to wear the wristband for the duration of the conference.


      1. Can I return the ticket if I am unable to attend?
        Those unable to attend the conference can request a refund by informing Neural Networking a minimum of one month ( 30 days) in advance. The refund is subject to a PLN 100 (100 zloty) handling fee. Cancellation of a ticket less than one month in advance is not refundable. Please write to hello@neural-Networking.com with any concerns regarding ticket refund.


      1. Can you deduct VAT if you sell tickets within the European Union?
        Article 53 and 54 of the VAT directive provide precise guidelines for (international) events stating that VAT must be charged in the country where the event takes place.
        business to customers (b2c) services related to cultural, artistic, scientific, educational, entertainment, and similar activities will be taxed at the place where those activities usually take place. (Article 54 of the VAT directive)
        Business to business (b2b) services in respect of admission to cultural, artistic, sporting, scientific, educational, entertainment and similar events will be taxed at the place where those events actually take place. (Article 53 of VAT directive)
        Please contact your tax advisor to assess if this tax can be (partially recovered)


      1. How can I receive a formal invitation to receive a travel visa?
        You must have a valid ticket in order for us to send an invitation. Please email hello@neural-Networking.com to request this document.


      1. When is the latest date that I can buy a ticket?
        We expect that tickets will be sold out a few weeks prior to the conference. Please do not wait too long to order your ticket if you are sure that you want to attend. Keep in mind that ticket prices increase with each subsequent pool.


      1. Do you offer discounts for groups and students?
        Yes we do! For more information, go to the “tickets” tab on the home page or write to us at hello@neural-Networking.com


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