Marzena Wojtaszewska

Molecular geneticist with a 12 year expertise in molecular biology of human cancers. As a MNM Diagnostics specialist, she is involved in implementing AI algorithms in clinical genomics for quicker and more accurate tumour diagnostics. She believes automation and digitalization is the key to personalized medicine. As a long-time employee of a big hospital and member of Polish Society of Human Genetics and Polish Society of Hematologists and Transfusiologists she understands the challenges created by novel technologies in clinical setup.

Welcome to the laboratory of the future. Where biochemical reactions are performed in nanoliter volumes by single enzyme molecules printed on a plate.
Where fluids are transferred by sound waves and DNA is read like a book. Where whole genome sequencing of hundreds of people is performed daily, generating terabytes of data.
How can we harness this vast amounts of genomic information and make sense of it? How should we apply AI algorithms in search for the causes of rare diseases and tumours?
Answering these questions is a key to help over 20% of our population who will succumb to cancer or genetic disorder during their lives.


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